Prom Queens

Prom Queens

Unheard of in Britain 10 years ago, the prom is now the highlight of the year for school leavers.

Weeks of planning and preparations are already underway to ensure the prom queen’s look their best as they wave goodbye to their high school years.

The dress, the shoes, the make up and of course the hair all have to be perfect.  In recent years we have seen a surge of girls coming in to the salon in June to have their hair done for this big occasion.  This week we talk about what’s ‘Of The Moment’ (OTM) for 2014 prom queens.

When deciding what hairstyle is right for you, consider what you’re wearing.  If your dress is elaborate with lots of detailing, keep your hair simple and unfussy.  If your outfit has clean, smooth lines then you can afford to make more of a statement with your hair.

Long & Loose

Big, loose waves are still very popular this year.  This more relaxed style has a laid back vibe but can be dressed up with some on trend hair accessories. Embellished hair bands worn around the crown of the head bring an up to date boho edge to your look.  Or bring out the Greek Goddess in you with a hair necklace.  As seen lately on the Kardashians and Nicole Richie, these goddess chain headwraps are available in lots of high street stores and are bang on trend.

Buns & Topknots

Buns are easy to do and can be sleek and sophisticated or tousled and messy.  Either way they are big news for prom hair.

Prom Inspiration

With the Internet providing a rich source of images and style advices, teens should look to Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube for prom hair inspiration.  Don’t leave it to the last minute to book your prom appointment and show pictures of what style you want to your hairdresser.  With this planning and preparation your locks will be your crowning glory fit for a queen, a prom one at that!